About Bhikharam Sweet House

Bhikharam has its roots stablished in 1901 in the form of a small retail sweets and namkeen house of pure desi ghee.

Sri Bhikharamji the founder of Bhikharam always cherished a dream of building an empire, manufacturing traditional sweets and namkeen of superior quality with purity as its founding pillar, to leave a mark on every occasion and get close to the heart of common man.

This dream soon took shape and Bhikharam developed into a brand and became an inseparable part of every occasion.

With the launch of its latest venture, Bhikharam Sweet House, the house of Bhikharam boasts of five generations of expertise in purity, taste and hygiene.

Sweets and namkeens are presented in durable and viable packaging. Bhikaram forays in not only sweets made out of desi ghee but also milk.

Apart from exclusive and innovative recipes, exotic presentation and high quality products, variety is the key reason behind Bhikharam’s popularity. Be it sweets or namkeens, Bhikharam’s touch makes it more tastier and presentable with attractive packaging while also maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.

Our speciality is sohan papdi, laddu boondi, mewa sweets and pure deshi ghe namkeen.
We also offer a wide range of North Indian and South Indian delicacies to cater to your palate.

Bhikharam has achieved this position because of its commitment, hard work, workmanship and a zeal to provide the best.